Grandstream Dubai

IP voice, video, data and mobility solutions

Grandstream is praised for its quality products, however, to enjoy its benefits. You need to make sure you are buying from the right reseller. We are the leading Grandstream Distributor in UAE who not only provides you with latest products but also with reliable services. Grandstream Telephone System combine the advantages of on premise system with agility ,flexibility and features of an VOIP Telephony. Grandstream communication products gives you the power to do business any time, anywhere and whatever devices you choose. Grandstream offer complete selection of Business IP Telephones and communication end points. Grandstream Business Phones include Phones for all kind of requirements – devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, Dect Phones and across campuses as well as in office, mobile, remote, and video users.

Grandstream IP PBX System

Grandstream IP PBX

Grandstream’s UCM IP PBX System coming with an extensive set of unified communication features in easy-to-manage IP Telephone System without any licensing fees.

Grandstream IP Phone

Grandstream IP Phones [ Voice ]

Grandstream offers a wide-range of IP Phones, from small business to enterprise, From  Dect Phones to Desk Phones, to best suit every business and every type of user

Grandstream IP Phone Dubai

Grandstream IP Video Phones

The GXV3200 series IP Video Phones with Android ™ Operating system and  6-line support. It offer full access to the Google Play Store, multi-platform video calling and more

Grandstream Voip Gateway Dubai

Grandstream Voip Gateway

Grandstream’s wide-range of Gateways and ATAs are trusted by some of the largest service providers in the world and compatible with most of the telephony application.

Conferencing System Dubai

Grandstream Conferencing 

Grandstream’s  audio & video conferencing system offer small and medium sized businesses flexibility and easy installation  with powerful features. Its a multi platform supported conferencing system.

Grandstream CCTV Dubai

Grandstream IP CCTV Solution

With a complete line of IP video surveillance system and IP cctv cameras, Grandstream provides everything needed for a video surveillance solution.

Introduction to Grandstream

Grandstream Network, Inc. is the award-winning designer of telecommunication products and solutions. Grandstream brand means quality, reliability and innovation. Grandstream products allow business to be more productive than ever before.This company has also earned the ISO 9001 certificate on behalf of its top-notch line of communication systems. Grandstream offers a quality range of next generation IP voice and video telecom products.Grandstream products and solutions are empowering businesses in more than 150 countries across the world.

Its product range is perfect for the broadband networks. Also to providing reliable products. Grandstream also excellences in Video and Audio quality. Since its introduction, this company has made a name for itself on behalf of its feature rich product line that is in full compliance with the industry standards. Still, this company is improving its broad interoperability with service providers and third-party SIP VoIP products, this company known for its daring innovations; it has won hearts with its affordable and superior value.Grandstream Networks has been manufacturing award-winning IP voice and video telephony, video conferencing and video surveillance products since 2002

Grandstream was incorporated in 2002 since then this company has been growing rapidly. After its incorporation, 2003 marked the first year of its product shipment. This promise led to the long run of 2 digit year over year annual growth rate of revenue. Al the credit goes to its comprehensive and qualitative range of products, top-tier services and commitment to premium user experience.A variety of product tools and technical support options ensure Grandstream customers get the most out of their communications solution.

Your business requires Grandstream Dubai

Do you want to increase the productivity of your business? Well, the best way to do so is by improving the audio communication channel in your office. This way you can increase the productivity by increasing and smoothing the working process of your company.

You can have an idea about the high standard of the products of Grandstream by the fact that the high quality of Grandstream has earned it an ISO 2001 certification that proves the caliber and claims of the telecommunication industry leaders.

Whether you need high-quality IP voice products of Grandstream, or you require video telecom products belonging to the high quality, Grandstream provides you with a wide range of all such items. Grandstream is pretty much common in use in Dubai but other than Dubai; there are 149 more countries all over the world where the products of Grandstream are empowering the businesses.

More about  Grandstream telephone system

Grandstream communication system enable IP PBX and unified communications for organizations from large enterprises to small and medium businesses. Highly reliable and intelligent, these PBX Systems unify communications across multiple enterprise locations, supporting IP phones, analog devices, and a variety of trunk interfaces. Grandstream IP PBX manage Grandstream IP phones, any Sip supported IP phones and analog lines, as well as PSTN, E1 and ITSP trunks.

When it comes to operating a business efficiently, simplicity is the key. Grandstream PBX Systems is here to take the complexity from your business phone system that will help you work smarter, faster, and much more economically. You get the best office phone system experience from #1 Telecom solution with a full-featured business phone system, conferencing and much more.

The Grandstream IP Phones

Grandstream offers you a huge variety of different IP phones that are manufactured according to the requirement of a business. Thus whether your business is of any size, you will surely find a product from Grandstream Dubai that shall be in accordance with the size and type of your business . Whether it is a small business or an enterprise business Grandstream excels in each and every kind of audio communication channel.

The largest VOIP services and largest enterprises always use the products of Grandstream as it is more reliable and affordable. The IP phones of Grandstream are available in a lot many features that include a high-resolution LCD screen, extension module options, HD audio support and a lot many more features.

The IP phones from Grandstream always provide the user with a very friendly user interface that incorporates many advanced Telephone calling features. The businesses, residential users, retail and warehouse users can mobilize the power of VOIP technology with the help of Grandstream IP cordless phone series and move around in the office, retail store, home or warehouse without sticking to a certain place.

Grandstream PBX & CRM Integration

Companies across the globe rely on Grandstream IP PBX & Telecom products to power up their business so they can connect, collaborate and take care of their customers. Grandstream IP PBX combines collaboration, mobility, and messaging right into a single solution that empowers individuals to collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where they are, how they work and just what device they will use Effective collaboration among employees, partners and customers is a critical driver of any organization’s success. It’s only by building productive relationships that information and ideas get shared, better products get to market faster, suppliers and partners work seamlessly together to achieve shared goals, and lasting and profitable relationships are built with customers.
To simplify this for you, We offers a single, comprehensive collaboration solution for CRM Telephony integration with Grandstream Telephone System.Now you can integrate Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics with Grandstream PBX System and enjoy the productivity both offer in a efficient manner.Think about creating leads or Cases with the help of incoming call popup. Moreover it will show the existing records on database by matching the caller number.
What are you waiting for ?. Call us today to get the best Business telephone System available in UAE.


Implementing UC with Grandstream

With  a  full  range  of  IP  endpoints  and  networking  products  designed  specifically for SMBs/SMEs, Grandstream offer enterprise-grade communication  solutions  for  every  business.  These  solutions  offer  feature-rich functionality at an affordable price that delivers recognizable business.What  can  cripple  an  SMB/SME  and  affect  their  plan  to  migrate  toward  UC  are future  budget  considerations  involving  ongoing  licensing  fees  and  the  network set-up,  maintenance  and  administration.  Grandstream  products  never  require licensing  fees  and  are  specifically  designed  so  that  SMBs/SMEs  internal  staff  or their  reseller/system  integrator  can  self-administer  and  manage  the  network versus  having  to  hire  an  outside  IT  firm.  Grandstream  adheres  to  open-source SIP  standards  for  product  development  ensuring  network-  and  enterprise-side product and service interoperability.  Ease of integration through open standards allows businesses to confidently add newer technology sooner rather than later.

Grandstream UCM Series IP PBX

The backbone of a Grandstream UC network is the UCM series IP PBX Appliance. The  UCM  series  is  an  open  source,  licensing-free  IP  PBX  appliance  that  delivers secure and reliable voice, video, data and mobility apps. Powered by an advanced hardware platform based on Asterisk®, the UCM series helps businesses to easily and affordably use VoIP to increase productivity, provide better customer service, unify communications on a single platform and save money on communications costs. Listening  to  customers  around  the  globe,  Grandstream  realizes  that  a  large number of SMBs/SMEs want to adopt UC to be more competitive.  The common thread or barrier to entry heard most frequently is the SMBs/SMEs ability to attain the features needed at a price they can afford— a problem that Grandstream has solved.

The UCM series offers various model options in order to offer a solution ideal for every type of business:

◀  UCM6200 series – the UCM6200 series is geared specifically towards small        to medium businesses as it supports up to 500 users and up to 60           concurrent calls. The UCM6200 series offers 4 different models             options (UMC6102, 6104, 6108 and 6116) that differe mainly on the amount    of included FXO ports and concurrent calls.

◀  UCM6510 – this model is ideal for medium sized businesses and larger         businesses as it supports up to 2000 users and up to 200 concurrent calls.     Businesses who need support for E1/T1/J1 networks should choose the      UCM6510.