Grandstream UCM6208 IP PBX

The Grandstream UCM6208 is a high capacity enterprise-grade telephone system without any licensing fees. It offers advanced features like Deep Call handling, 5 Layer IVR, Call Recording, Call Reports, Mobile Call App for iPhone and Android, Call Queue and 800 User Capacity.

Future   Business is becoming more digital, vibrant and fast-moving than ever. With the advent of VOIP technology, the companies are looking for more advanced solutions, particularly in the communication setup. Perhaps it is the time for you to leap to a new telephone system by replacing the existing conventional PBX system with the digital PBX system.

Grandstream UCM6208 Dubai In this digital age, IP-based solutions have been proven to be best in delivering a cost-effective solution to the business. As such business can reap the benefits through the acceptance of IP PBX system. In the wake of expanding the business, a complete IP PBX systems allow the communication to be more flexible and cost-effective. Moreover, it transforms completely the way the calls are being processed and managed. It permits the integration of other applications and is easy to monitor the usage.

grandstream ucm6208 dubai

But if you have decided to go for the IP telephone systems, it is worth considering the Grandstream VOIP solutions and products. Being a foremost IP telephony provider, Grandstream introduces a wide array of systems that allow business to be more active than ever before. The products consist of IP video telephony systems, IP PBX, IP Voice telephony, IP video surveillance, and gateways. The company has the legacy of connecting businesses in a sophisticated way and through its advanced unified solutions, what it proves that the Grandstream IP-PBX is the best.

Power your telephone system with Grandstream UCM6208 IP PBX

Grandstream’s UCM6208 is a promising bet for your growing business. It has been designed with the state of the art features and options, where it has the power to take your business to new levels regarding productivity and profitability. Whatever the latest updates have been available in the previous version of UCM6100 IP PBX, it is available with the UCM6200 series as well. The models that fall in the UCM6200 series have been developed in focus to the expanding communication needs of the business. Providing support for 800 users and devices and 100 concurrent VOIP calls, Grandstream UCM6208 IP-PBX certainly is an integral element that powers your business in an advanced way. The UCM6208 IP PBX deliver some improved features as compared to the other Grandstream IP PBX models.

Grandstream UCM6208 IP PBX features:

  • Supports 8 FXO ports and 2 FXS Ports
  • UCM6208 does support 800 SIP devices/users
  • Provides support to 100 concurrent VOIP calls.
  • It has six conference bridges
  • Supports Maximum 32 attendees per bridge
  • Supports DHCP server
  • Built-in recording and built-in call detail records
  • No, configure provisioning for the Grandstream SIP endpoints
  • Supports 2 Gigabit ports

Grandstream UAE, believes that the best means of attaining success is to go in tune with the advanced world and technology. Years of experience in the telecommunication realm proves that the best and foremost technology is certain to produce expected results. We are calculated as the finest telephone solution provider in Dubai, UAE. As the business becomes more complicated, we discover our customers looking out for new ways to restructure their systems they use. Some might be concerned about the restructuring the present phone system; some opt for the whole new installation. Grandstream UAE is focused on providing customers with the state of the art solutions with the Grandstream products. Our services are available in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman as well. Call us now for a flexible and cost-effective communication solution for your varied business. Simply put trust in the leading IP telephony provider Grandstream UAE.