Grandstream UCM 6510- The perfect SMB IP PBX appliance

An enterprise-grade IP PBX system for apartment complexes, retail outlets, and companies, is Grandstream UCM6510. It combines sound, video, fax applications, and data. It also hosts surveillance solutions and security. This PBX hardware can be set on a tabletop or a rack. It comprises of a spot network LCD which has a determination of 128 x 32 pixels on its front board. The unit additionally contains three Gigabit Ethernet ports, LED pointers for each of these ports and a T1/E1/J1 port.  A USB port, an SD card opening, two FXS ports for simple, two FXS ports and PSTN telephone lines are likewise present on the front board.

For all the small to medium businesses, Grandstream has always been providing high quality and efficiently performing IP PBX appliances that have always performed as per the expectation of the customers and thus, Grandstream has always managed to satisfy the users and gain good feedback. Incorporating all the industry-leading features, Grandstream has launched its new model in the UCM 6500 series, Grandstream UCM 6510. The UCM6510 is an IP PBX appliance for E1/T1/J1 networks that brings easy-to-manage and customizable Unified Communications and security protection to enterprises, small and medium businesses retail environments. Powered by an advanced hardware platform and software functionalities, the UCM6510 supports up to 2000 users and offers a turnkey solution for converged voice, video, data, fax, security surveillance, and mobility applications without any extra license fees or recurring costs.

It additionally accompanies a 1 GB DDR3 RAM and 32 GB streak stockpiling. The ARM processor may battle with keeping up at the pinnacle of its execution. The PBX telephone framework deals with a quad-center Cortex-A9 processor and has a clock speed of 1GHz. The UCM6510 additionally wires up to 200 simultaneous calls and right around eight remote video chat destinations for an outrageous of 64 participants. For programming, it runs Asterisk which is a free open-source PBX working framework from Digium Inc. Grandstream UCM6510 wires up to 2000 PBX telephones and can separately fill in as a brought together interchanges stages for greater associations with ease.

Grandstream PBX Features

Features of Grandstream UCM 6510 IP PBX Appliance

The UCM6510 offers a set of comprehensive features, including customizable call-routing, multi-level IVR, call queues, auto-attendant, call detail records (CDR), multi-site peering, SIP video support, voicemail/fax forwarding to email and more. The secure and reliable UCM6510 delivers leading-edge unified communication features at an unprecedented price point without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees.

Grandstream UCM6510 in Dubai has a long list of features. It has a single T1/E1/J1 port. This equipment handles 2000 SIP accounts. You can easily access call center Other features include a redundant power supply, auto establishment and detection of endpoints and rack mount is available.

Below mentioned are some of the salient features of Grandstream UCM 6510 IP PBX telephone system.

Operating system

Grandstream UCM 6510 operates the advanced Asterisk version where it doesn’t require any additional costs according to the features or any other licensing or software fee for providing the users with a  next-generation video, voice, data and mobility features.

Users Supported

Grandstream UCM 6510 has the capability to support a maximum of 2000 years and in this respect it surpasses the limit of Grandstream UCM 6110 which was 500.

Calling features

The calling features that will be available to you with this phone system are call forwarding, call transferring, call parking, intercom, paging, DND and many more! Grandstream UCM 6510 can support

  • Concurrent calls- up to 200
  • Conference bridges- up to 8
  • Conference participants- a maximum of 64.
  • SIP trunk accounts

The Grandstream UCM 6510 IP PBX appliance can handle unlimited amount of SIP trunk accounts

Easy Deployment

To easily deploy the appliance, Grandstream UCM 6510 provides provisioning and the automated detection of video and IP phones, gateways, SIP cameras, ATAs and many other SIP endpoints. The auto discovery and zero configuration feature of the phone system allow its setup to be completed efficiently and easily within the web user interface of the product.

Some other features

Grandstream UCM 6510 can provide you with dual gigabit network ports with a built-in power over Ethernet source. There are redundant power supply and a carrier grade   echo cancellation.

Security Protection

You will get  comprehensive security features with your Grandstream UCM 6510 IP PBX appliance with the help of TLS, SRTP and HTTPS along with an accelerator for hardware encryption.

Grandstream PBX System

The communication system of your business acts as the backbone of your company. If you are not having a right PBX system in your company, then your internal communication will be badly affected. If you need to ensure that the incoming and outgoing calls in your business are reaching the correct person, then you have to ensure a high-quality communication channel for your company. Grandstream Dubai will surely provide the telephone system that your business needed and equipped with the advanced and up to date technical features.

It is very essential that you select a high quality and professional Telecom company for setting up your PABX system in Dubai. We are surely the pro in this matter. With our experience and expertise, we have served hundreds of customers in UAE. Thus, our performance assures our caliber and quality. We are not limited to Dubai, you will also find our solutions in many major cities of U.A.E.

Grandstream Dubai

Grandstream Dubai is the authorized reseller of Grandstream in the entire Dubai area and also in the other areas of U.A.E like Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. You can easily get your Grandstream UCM 6510 IP PBX Dubai appliance from any authorized store of Grandstream Dubai.

 Grandstream UCM6510 Downloads

pdf-datasheet  UCM6510 Datasheet

About Grandstream

The telecom industry knows Grandstream as the manufacturer of telecommunication solutions and products by implying an innovative and thorough technology. The updated features and applications in each phone system of Grandstream allow the people to enjoy the most out of the technology. The high quality and efficient performance has always earned Grandstream the position at the top of the telecom industry. It is the top- notch quality of Grandstream that earned it the ISO 9001 certification. Grandstream provides you with a huge variety and a wide range of different IP and VOIP products that have been empowering the businesses in almost 150 countries from around the world. This standard never seems to come down as Grandstream is striving hard to continue bringing betterments in their services and products. Grandstream was inaugurated in 2002 and since then, it has always given the users award winning technological appliances. Users have always experienced a next level audio and video quality with the exclusive Grandstream products and solutions. Grandstream showed an award-winning performance and is now known in the entire industry for its innovations.