Grandstream DP720 DECT IP Phone

The Grandstream DP720 is an add-on phone for Grandstream DP750 Package. You can use a total of 5 DP720 Dect Phones with the DP750 Base Station. The Grandstream DP720 ensure the mobility in telephony required by business across UAE and at the same time offer top-notch telephony performance.The DP720 provides a range of up to 50 meters under indoor conditions and up to 300 meters in outdoor. Along with HD Audio , speakerphone and 3-way audioconference, choosing the DP720 is a perfect Dect phone add-on for your business.

The advancement in the technology has become more aligned to the business now. It has brought revolutionary changes in the way the communication is being carried out and processed. The implementation of the VOIP technology, for example, create an advanced level of interaction as well create a more beneficial satisfying experience to the business and customers. It also makes the process of communication more effective and often leads to outcomes that meet the business requirement at the first attempt itself. To facilitate and deliver change across the business, companies have been started to invest in the VOIP systems and technology. Before you decide to implement a communication restructure it is good to know some benefits of VOIP systems.

  • Save lots on business calls, as the communication happens through the internet.
  • IP telephony allows you to have a versatile communication.
  • Advanced calling features
  • Advantages of the converged voice and data
  • Ability to connect with the remote and mobile employees.
  • Multi-functional

When it comes to the choice, Grandstream has state of the art IP phones and conferencing systems to the varied communication needs. Grandstream is the leader in the domain of IP telephony over the years. By pursuing the coveted position, Grandstream is better able to steer the communication productively and efficiently. The gaining popularity of VOIP technology is pushing business to embrace IP telephony at their workplace. Being known for the quality, innovation and consistency, Grandstream IP phones are worth to your expanding communication needs. Uniting the best of technology, the Grandstream IP phones reduce communication costs, enhance productivity and ensure network security. Further, it offers full interoperability across networks along with the unchallenged features and price competitiveness.

Power your communication infrastructure with Grandstream DP720 DECT cordless phone

With the launch of new Grandstream DP720 DECT cordless phone, Grandstream proves that they are the best in IP telephony business. The phone has been designed to meet the various industry communication needs such as the storehouse, retail store and more. In the kind of environments where the job demands movement throughout, to coordinate between the staffs of various departments, these phones are a promising shot. In these areas, the use of cordless phones is beneficial in many ways which allow the users to concentrate on other jobs while on the call. The Grandstream DP720 DECT cordless phones initiate the ability to move freely (mobility) without any hitches.

Have a look at some of the features:

  • High definition Audio capabilities
  • Support for the Grandstream DP750 base station
  • Supports 3-way voice conferencing
  • Support up to 10 SIP lines/handset
  • Highly secured encryption technology and DECT authentication to protect the account and calls
  • Advanced calling features – call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy navigation menu

These advanced features and functionalities make Grandstream DP720 DECT Cordless phone an excellent option for the environment that requires extreme mobility. With this DECT phone, it is possible for the business and homes to develop a cordless VOIP solution. The companies around the world are improving the communication infrastructure; hence in a city like Dubai, it is incredibly vital for the business to implement state of the art Grandstream phone systems.

Solutions with Grandstream Dubai

Enterprises looking for the solution in Dubai are better required to exploit the experience of a trusted telephone company in Dubai. Grandstream Dubai is skilled in developing solutions that bring success to your ever expanding business. Designing and implementing the communication infrastructure with the Grandstream telephone systems does create good communication structure. To meet your various business needs, we have an incredible line-up of Grandstream telephone systems including the IP phones, Wireless IP phones, Dect phones, and other systems. The hardware and software flexibility plus the additional functionalities make the Grandstream DP720 DECT cordless phone an excellent pick for many businesses.

The solutions we provide with the Grandstream IP phones will prepare the business communication to be more vibrant. Besides operating in Dubai, we have our service operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and Ajman as well. Develop solution with the leading IP telephony company in Dubai. The IP telephony solutions we deliver are extraordinarily astounding and definitely will have a significant influence regarding productivity and profitability.