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Grandstream DECT phones are the perfect solution for mobility, that is available to delight you with excellent communication. It is their Grandstream’s mission to produce comprehensive goods at a high level but at a competitive price. The innovative design and sleek look offer a standard feeling you hold the device in your hands.  The brand knows how to fulfill their promises and how to keep words. The idea behind designing these DECT phones is to offer productive wireless communication across your business.

Grandstream Dect Phones can be used with VoIP Systems. Grandstream Dect Phone portfolio consists of DP750 Base, DP720 Dect Phone, and DP760 Dect Repeater. The Grandstream DP750 is the base station  support five concurrent calls simultaneously along with the ability to add a total of 5 DP720 Dect Phones.

Grandstream Dect Phones Dubai

Advantages of Grandstream Dect Phone

The Grandstream Dect phones support Direct IP calling between 2 parties without the use of any Telephone System. The DP750 Base support  10 SIP accounts.The DP720 handset can use all the SIP Account registered at the base station.  To increase the expansion capabilities, DP720 handset can support registration under four different DP750 base stations.You can use this function wisely and increase the coverage area of the DECT phone system .the Multiple registration support of a SIP-Account feature can apply to register the same extension numbers under multiple base stations.  The DP720 Dect phone registered under two base station can freely move under the coverage area of both base station and still retain the capacity to make and receive the calls. You can use this method to while deploying the DECT phone under a large area. Additionally each DP750 Base station support one DP760 Repeater.  It will further increase the coverage of DECT phone system.

The base station having the range of 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors .the DP760 Repeater further add an additional range of 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors.The Grandstream DP720 and DP750 DECT Cordless IP Phone Gives Residential, SOHO and Small Business Users, Mobility Beyond the Desktop.The Grandstream Dect Phones are SIP compliant, works with various primary IP PBX. Grandstram Dect Phone handsets feature Full HD audio on both the speakerphone and handset with acoustic echo cancellation and rich features.

Grandstream Dect Base stations are POE enables and easy to deploy without worrying about the electrical power point. The zero config allows easy configuration while using with Grandstream PBX System. Users can upload different XML phonebooks to each registered DP720 handsets while not shared the phone book with each other.The LDAP Support helps your organization to maintain the central contact store. The LDAP or XML Contact store support up to 3000 contacts.

The Grandstream Dect Phone system is having the support for five concurrent calls. The repeater supports two simultaneous calls. The HTTPS encryption security, SRTP, and TLS ensure the high level of communication security. The DECT authentication & encryption technology to protect calls & account.

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