Grandstream UCM6108 IP PBX

The Grandstream UCM6108 is an advanced easy to manage IP PBX system appliance for the SMB market with 2 FXS and 8 FXO Ports. Operating an enhanced version of Asterisk, the UCM6108 includes advanced voice, video, data and mobility features without additional licensing or software fees. UCM6108  supports up to 500 users, 60 concurrent calls, 6 conference bridges, and 32 conference participants.Additional features include Gigabit network port with integrated PoE, up to 50 SIP trunk accounts with flexible call routing control, large 4GB onboard Flash memory and virtually unlimited peering for multi-site deployment.

Grandstream UCM6108 dubai

The Grandstream UMC 6100 series

Grandstream UCM 6108 is part of UCM 6100 IP PBX series. Grandstream has introduced several groundbreaking features in its UCM 6100 IP PBX series that can be managed easily and fit perfectly well to the requirements of businesses regardless of their sizes. The UCM 6100 series have provided the users with some exciting features of a high quality and an enterprise level standard. Moreover, it provides you with a very flexible operation because it requires no extra costs, any licensing fees or any cost according to the features. There is an advanced hardware platform for powering the Grandstream UCM 6100 series phone system and have robust system resources. UCM 6100 series  supports converge data, video, voice and mobility applications also including video and fax surveillance.

Grandstream UCM 6108- The industry-leader performer

Grandstream provides the users with a wide range of updated and best in class features and applications that prove to perform in the best possible manner. Incorporating such amazing specifications, Grandstream UCM 6108 IP PBX is ready to lead the industry. No hustle of setup and deployment as UCM 6108 will have an easy procedure of setup and deployment because of the user interface based on web browser. This interface allows you to discover the IP endpoints automatically, and you will also have a zero- configuration provisioning. Grandstream UCM 6108 is extremely reliable, efficient and ready to deliver the premium level features to the small and medium businesses in an unprecedented reliability. The telephone system is certainly a complete package for you and it is available to you at extremely affordable and reasonable pricing.

Ports of Grandstream UCM 6108

  • There are eight built-in PSTN trunk FXO ports in Grandstream UCM 6108.
  • In case of power outage, there are two analog telephone FXS ports that can provide you with a lifeline capability.
  • It features almost 50 SIP trunk accounts.

Other features of Grandstream UCM 6108 IP PBX telephone system

Grandstream UCM 6108 incorporates an efficient application processor of a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 feature. It has a large 4 GB NAND Flash memory along with a 512 MB DDR RAM. It also has a dedicated best in class performance DSP array that is multi-core and can be used for advanced voice processing. It can support a maximum of 500 SIP endpoint registrations where at a time 60 calls can be handled including almost 40 encrypted concurrent calls with SRTP. A maximum of 32 attendees is allowed in a conference. UCM 6108 has incorporated exciting calling features including a flexible dial plan, call recording, site peering, built- in NTP server and for the endpoints, a central control panel. You will also have a built- in LDAP contact directory.

Grandstream UCM 6108 features automated provisioning and detection of video phones, gateways, SIP cameras, IP Phones and some other endpoints to facilitate the deployment of Grandstream UCM 6108. Moreover, it has some outstanding security protection features where it incorporates TLS, SRTP and HTTPS along with an accelerator for encryption of hardware that ensure a complete and best possible security protection. Thus, UCM 6108 is surely a high-level IP PBX phone for you which provides you with a complete package and is also very feasible to use. You must avail yourself of the amazing telephone system and get benefitted with the exciting features.

The Grandstream UCM 6108 IP PBX telephone system Package

The package of Grandstream UCM 6108 telephone system contains the following contents:

  1. Grandstream UCM 6108 IP PBX telephone system
  2. Wall mounting
  3. A guide about quick installation
  4. Ethernet cable
  5. Screws for mounting
  6. AC power adapter

Grandstream PBX System

The communication system of your business acts as the backbone of your company. If you are not having a right PBX system in your company, then your internal communication will be badly affected. If you need to ensure that the incoming and outgoing calls in your business are reaching the correct person, then you have to ensure a high-quality communication channel for your company. Grandstream Dubai will surely provide the telephone system that your business needed and equipped with the advanced and up to date technical features.

It is very essential that you select a high quality and professional Telecom company for setting up your PABX system in Dubai. We are surely the pro in this matter. With our experience and expertise, we have served hundreds of customers in UAE. Thus, our performance assures our caliber and quality. We are not limited to Dubai, you will also find our solutions in many major cities of U.A.E.

About Grandstream  Dubai

Grandstream provides you the perfect solution for your business in the form of Grandstream PBX system . You can avail yourself of much high quality and exciting features that are license free and pose the best possible communication solution to your business regardless of its size. Grandstream Dubai is the authorized reseller of Grandstream , and it offers its sales and services in different parts of U.A.E like Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain and Abu Dhabi. So, feel free to buy Grandstream UCM 6108 IP PBX Dubai telephone system .

About Grandstream

Grandstream is the ruler of the telecommunications industry. With an award winning designing of affordable and up to date telecom products, Grandstream has always managed to win the trust and confidence of its customers. The extent of the quality and standard of Grandstream can be assumed by the fact that it has been ISO 9001 certified owing to the premium level of the communication systems introduced by the Grandstream Network. You will have a wide range of different video and IP voice telecom products and solutions. Grandstream is a renowned company, and it is known for its innovative technology, reliability and high quality in the entire industry.

 Grandstream UCM6108 Downloads

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