Grandstream GDS3710

Having access to present day security technology helps enterprises and houses to be sheltered in a more intelligent way. In the technologically advanced world, the evolution of IP-based systems are actually astonishing and is changing the way the activities are now being monitored, the way we communicate and so on. The advantages of an IP-based solution is apparent in video surveillance installations. For the reason that technology is developed much, a growing number of security products are being introduced into the market for security purposes. With the VOIP, it becomes easy to connect different systems using a single communication protocol which is actually a great advantage to the business. It is no different when it comes to surveillance industry, where the IP-based security devices are becoming widespread. Other technologies like the access control and sensor technologies are turning out to be comprehensively used. Here comes the importance of Grandstream GDS3710 HD IP video door phone system for the security purposes.

grandstream gds3710 Dubai

Currently, people are looking for ways on how to redefine the surveillance in an advanced way. So far as the business and residences are concerned, maintaining the property and its asset is important. The importance of IP video door phone system is here. Grandstream IP Video door phone comes with the features that are essential to protect the environment and the people. Grandstream GDS3710 High definition IP video door phone is a superior video door phone system making it possible for high-quality monitoring for visitor management, intercom, property protection and facility operations services.

Intelligent security solution with Grandstream High definition IP door phone

 If you have been looking for smarter surveillance systems along with the intercom option for business or home purpose, then the Grandstream GDS3710 is a superb choice. It gives full coverage in 180-degree viewing angle. The RFID (radio frequency identification) chip reader enables you to control, validate and operate the entries and exits into your room. To further improve the intercom functionality the system consists of a microphone and speaker. Moreover, it provides alarm-out and alarm-in facility as well. It can be easily integrated with software including the GDS management software as well as the utility software and it allows the RFID information to be transferred to the video feed management as well as software. Together with the advanced image sensor processor and the leading edge image algorithms, the product is competent at providing 1080p resolution images. It offers brilliant overall performance towards varied lighting conditions.

Just consider some of the features and functionalities:

  • Will provide High definition images of 1080p resolution
  • Detailed coverage without blind spots
  • State of the art algorithms
  • Advanced image sensor processor for image capture
  • Support 2 way audio
  • Allows for video buffering to IP phones and smartphones
  • Support integrated PoE
  • Wide dynamic capture
  • High-quality loudspeaker
  • Support RFID card
  • Well-matched with Grandstream IP phones and NVR

Move along with the leader in Security solutions UAE

In a city like Dubai, the need for sophisticated security surveillance is a must. It keeps you watch any illegal entries and protect your assets and premises. The security surveillance system does improve the employee productivity as well. It is equally important to get the service from a trusted and experienced security solution provider in UAE. Grandstream UAE has the ability to deliver perfect security solution in accordance with the customer need at cost effective budget.

Grandstream UAE, believes in delivering the most beneficial solution in accord with the technology. Years of experience in the security industry prove that the leading security technologies are certain to generate the desired end results. Skilled at planning and implementation, we’ve been regarded as the best security provider in UAE. In this particular complex environment, everyone is looking out for innovative security solutions at an affordable budget. Considering the ease of use and functionality the Grandstream GDS3710 High definition IP video door phone has numerous advantages. Grandstream UAE is targeted to offering customers solutions along with the Grandstream products. Headquartered in Dubai, our services can be found in the emirates of Umm Al-Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Al Ain and Ajman as well. Call us now for a versatile and valued security solution for your business. To put it simply have confidence in the leading IP telephony provider Grandstream UAE.