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The world of digital technology is proliferating and people from all aspects of the society are keying into the concept of digital technology including business. The business world has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent time due to advancement in technology. This has led to a complete change in the mode of operation, communication and other aspects of the business. Video conferencing is an aspect of digital technology that is trending in the businesses around the world including Dubai. It has become an epicenter in most organization’s communication as it allows them to hold an important meeting with stakeholders from a different part of the world. Video conferencing makes businesses to spend less on communication and travel expenses; this is why businesses in Dubai are fast keying into this concept.

Video conferencing system is an advanced communication system that allows individuals or Organizations to have a live and visual connection between two or more people living in different locations around the world for communication. The reason why very businesses in Dubai are investing in video conferencing system is the fact that it provides transmission of full video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations.

Tech experts in Dubai are of the opinion that video conferencing system is gaining rapid acceptance in the city’s business environment due to its tangible benefits. Some of these benefits include a drastic reduction in overhead cost especially training and short project completion time as a result of better communication medium among the team.

Business Conferencing system from Grandstream are Revolutionary, feature rich Audio & Video. Grandstream VC break the barrier of your conferencing needs.Crispy video and HD audio support give you real-life experience in your business video conferencing. Multiple protocol and platform support give you ease in communication with your business clients around the world regardless of their platform.

The benefits of Video conferencing system can never be overemphasized. It has made the entire business communication easy and cost-effective.There are different types of video conferencing system in Grandstream such as GVC3200, GVC3210, and GVC3202. It is important to carefully check and list your business conferencing needs before choosing one.

Conference System Offerings

Video Conferencing Dubai

GVC3202 Video Conferencing System

The Grandstream GVC3202  is a ground breaking video conferencing system from Grandstream.GVC3202 offer businesses a revolutionary  video conferencing experience with great flexibility threw the support of any sip platform and all android Apps.It has inbuilt robust IPVideotalk  platform support for plug and play video conferencing.As it is based on Android you can enjoy the full video conferencing apps in Android store.

Video Conference System Dubai

GVC3200 Video Conference System

The GVC3200 is a ground-breaking solution that offers small businesses a revolutionary video conferencing system with unprecedented flexibility and the power of support for multiple popular video conferencing protocols and platforms right out of the box.GVC3200 offers full access to all video conferencing apps in the Google Play Store — such as Skype®, Skype for Business®, Google Hangouts™ and more.

Audio Conferencing Phone

GAC2500 Audio Conference Phone

Grandstream GAC2500 is an Android-based Business Conference Phone that will redefine the choices, flexibility and mobility available in any workplace. It supports up to 6 lines and 6 SIP accounts while also offering full access to the Google Play Store in order to hold conferences through Skype, Google Hangouts and more.With  built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, 7-way conference bridge, It also offer tremendous mobility and flexibility.

Audio Conferencing Phone Dubai

Benefits of Grandstream Video Conferencing System in Dubai

Grandstream Video conferencing system has cut across different aspects of the society including; education, business, health, and politics. Some of the benefits of Video conference system in Dubai are;

  • Reduced Travel time and cost: One of the obvious benefits of video conferencing system is the fact that it reduces travel time and expenses. The time and cost your IT specialist, business developer and Human resources personnel could have spent traveling to a client location can be reduced. The expenses to incur in such traveling can also be reduced drastically with the use of video conferencing system. You can just have a real-time video call with your clients and reach a decision from the comfort of your conference room.
  • Optimized attendance: Video conferencing system has optimized meeting attendance by businesses in Dubai. In other words, businesses now received a huge number of meeting participations among employees and other stakeholders in a different location. This is because of the fact that Video conference system provides platforms for brining everybody together irrespective of their destinations.
  • Structured meetings with improved communication: In Dubai today, there are several structured meetings and improved communications in most business, education, and health organizations. This is because connecting people through a real-time video will make them to better plan their time and the meeting will be well structured. In other words, it will be time-bound, better organized, a point of direction and above all the purpose of the meeting will be achieved.
  • Increased Productivity: Recent research in Dubai unveils that employees working in companies that have incorporated Video conferencing into their communication tends to be more productive. This is because of the fact that they can make the quick decision on the spot without going through the long process of administrative bureaucracy.
  • High level of employee retention: Video conferencing can contribute to a high level of employee retention in any organization. This is because the challenges of frequent traveling that make the employee leave organizations can be greatly reduced. All meetings can be done remotely and closely supervision can be achieved.
  • Competitive Advantage: Video conferencing will help you to have a competitive edge in the industry in which you operate. It will make your communication system to be effective, more organized and above all greater productivity. All these will lead to increase customer satisfaction and better performance.
  • Reduced Stress and workload: The fact that video conferencing system helps to reduce stress and workload has contributed to the growth of video conferencing in Dubai and the world at large. The time and effort that could have been invested in traveling and doing business in a different location will be drastically reduced.

Considerations When Choosing a Video Conferencing System

Many organizations in Dubai use video conferencing system for their business communication. However, it is important to choose the video conferencing solution that meets your needs as an organization. Some of the factors to be considered when choosing video conferencing system are;

  • Number of Attendees: The first factor to consider when choosing a video conferencing system for your business is the number of employees that will be using the platform. The platforms differ and some accommodate more participants than others. So make your findings very well before making any purchase decision.
  • The Quality of Image: This is another factor you should consider when choosing a video conferencing system. In reality, video conferencing system differs in terms of video image quality and audio system. It is always advisable to go for HD video conferencing system. This is especially important when your video conference involves important stakeholders like investors, board members and other key people in the organization. Investing in the best video conference system will definitely give you the best result and reputation.
  • The need for playback: This is another factor you should look at when getting video conference system for your organization. You have to consider the platform that can save all the information during the meeting for possible playback.

Video conferencing system is very important to business organizations operating in Dubai, and it is fast becoming an important trend in the city.


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