Grandstream GXP1700 Series IP Phones

Technology is fast changing. Staying current with the latest trend is crucial for any business in order to stand apart from others. It is now fundamentally changing the way we communicate though. Yes, the companies are fast adapting to the VOIP system. Switching over to the VOIP telephone system benefits the business in many ways. It is capable to deliver inexpensive phone service, supports long distance calls, free calling features, mobility, convenience and other features that augment the productivity and efficiency of employees. There are a boat load of features empowering business with VOIP Solutions, many of which are not available with the conventional telephone systems. Now the businesses are in the path of embracing IP telephony that makes use of existing network for sending and receiving data and it’s no wonder why everyone is making the switch.

Grandstream, headquartered in USA is the leader in the communication world. Its communication solutions and products are widely acclaimed and it allows the business to be more proactive than ever before. Grandstream’s IP phones have been renowned throughout the world for their superior sound delivery and other telephony features. The broad interoperability feature and the connectivity to the real-time applications make Grandstream IP phones more encouraging for any business environment.

Waiting for the launch of New Grandstream GXP1700 series IP phones

Grandstream is all set to launch its new GXP1700 series of IP Phones soon in the market. Definitely your business would gain benefits from deploying the latest GXP1700 series IP phones. The features such as the Mid-range line support, Digital BLF/Speed Dial Keys, HD audio, Integrated PoE and Gigabit Option makes it more favorable even before its launch. Grow your business with the leader in the communications systems.


Explore the two models of GXP1700 series IP Phones and its features

Grandstream GXP1760 features

  • Support 6 Lines
  • Support 3 SIP accounts
  • 5-way audio conferencing
  • 24 digital BLF/Speed Dial keys

Grandstream GXP1780/1782 features

  • Support 8 lines
  • Support 4 SIP accounts
  • 5-way audio conferencing
  • 32 digital BLF/Speed Dial Keys

Through all these features and at a smart price, Grandstream is all set to shock the communication industry.

Converting your business with the leader in IP telephony

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