Grandstream UCM6200 Series IP PBX

The advancement in the technology has revolutionized the lives of humans in a greater way. Grandstream, the global leader in providing communication solutions to wide range of business continues to dominate the market through its products. And it ranges from business conferencing systems to IP voice, IP telephony, Gateways to IP PBXs. All of these products enable the company to achieve good operational and communication efficiencies. The products from Grandstream are much-admired because of its consistency, quality and support. What makes it more favorable for most of the business are its improved security features, great interoperability and its enriched productivity. Serving both the customers and the enterprises, Grandstream delivers state-of-the-art communication solutions encompassing audio and video conferencing systems, business IP phones, IP video telephony, IP video surveillance, gateways and ATA’s and IP PBXs designed to help business to meet the complex challenges. Put it simple, Grandstream has changed the way business communicates.

Grandstream UCM6200 series

Why Grandstream?

Your business want the best. Grandstream is capable of delivering what your business wants more in a greater way. It combines the best of technology to deliver high performance, competitive edge for your organization.  All of the Grandstream products are designed to fully leverage the benefits of the business resources that offers the best performance. The Grandstream has really grown up to produce the advanced IP PBX systems that can be best utilized to small and the medium enterprises. For example; Grandstream UCM6100 series IP PBX system, aided many businesses to manage the business communication in an effective fashion. Now it has come up with a new system called the UCM6200 series IP PBX with extended features and functionalities. All of the features being added to the UCM6100 IP PBX system is extended to the new series as well.

UCM6200 series IP PBX systems is a powerful choice for your business, if you are looking for an upgrade. Since it delivers great features to the business in an extraordinary level. The UCM6200 series have three models and it encompasses UCM6202, UCM6204 and UCM6208. The enhanced feature that you see in the UCM6202 is the facility that helps to take the backup from the UCM6100. The redesigned FXO ports supports to handle simultaneous calls and users. Some of the noted features and functionalities of UCM6202 series IP PBX systems are as follows;

Grandstream UCM6202 IP PBX has 2 FXO ports and 2 FXS ports. It supports 30 concurrent calls and 500 users. It can support 500 SIP devices.

Grandstream UCM6204 IP PBX has 4 FXO ports and 2 FXS ports and it has the ability to support 500 users and 45 concurrent calls and 500 SIP devices.

Grandstream UCM6208 IP PBX has 8 FXO ports and 2 FXS ports and is capable to support 800 users and 100 concurrent calls and 800 SIP devices. Compared to other models the networking capacity of this model is much higher.

UCM6200 series IP PBX system is enriched with other features as well and it includes;

Ability to know the extension status on Web UI: UCM6200 IP PBX is presented with new extension layout under the web UI. Through the Web interface the status of the extensions can be known easily. The status can be idle, ringing, unavailable or talking and according to the status it will be displayed in the Web UI.

Distinct Ringtone support: Depending on the calls from the call queue, extension and others UCM6200 has the ability to produce the ringtone accordingly.

Blacklist Anonymous call block: UCM6200 allows the users to add numbers in the blacklist column in order to block calls which do not have caller ID and name.

Supports Email template: UCM6200 now supports email template where users can modify the face of the email according to the usage situations.

External Disk usage: UCM6200 IP PBX has the feature to send alert regarding the external disk usage to the user via email.

H-Mobile PMS support: The UCM6200 IP PBX has H-Mobile PMS hotel feature and by utilizing the PMS feature, users will be able to update and handle the hotel room requests, such as room check-in, check-out, room service request, wake-up call etc…

The other features UCM6200 series IP PBX supports include:

  • Added ring group music on hold
  • Added call queue custom prompt support
  • Added call queue retry time support
  • Added authentication for inbound SIP INVITE from SIP trunk
  • And much more.

Obviously the innocuous and reliable UCM6200 Series IP PBX is certainly an extra facility to the business that delivers quality grade features at an unsurpassed level.

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